Men’s Holiday Gift Guide Guide with Mister Lee Brown

December 10, 2019
Mister Browns Holiday Gift Guide

The spirit of giving is in the air, and we have an opportunity to express our love and admiration for the most important people in our lives. But buying gifts for that discerning man can be a challenge.  Therefore, you want that special something to be meaningful…a true expression of your feelings, but you certainly don’t want your gift to fall flat. Not to worry, Mister Brown is here to help with our Men’s Holiday Gift Guide! 

Mister Brown’s Men’s Holiday Gift Guide


Timeless Christmas gifts are always a welcome treat.   We have cultivated a great selection of the best pieces of fashion for the sophisticated gentleman.  So…puruse this year’s Men’s Holiday Gift Guide for a gift that is sure to be a winner with that special someone in your life.

Coming into the shop for a cut or trim? We can help you select a few gifts from our curated collection. We can even package them up in a nice gift bag, ready to put under the tree, or ship anywhere in the U.S. Use code MBHOLIDAY for 20% OFF anything in our shop!

Christmas shopping for a woman? Well no fear, we’ve included some great selections for your mom, sister or your girl that they’d be thrilled to find under the tree. In addition, some of these men’s gifts are also worn by the most discerning women. From sweaters to boots, to that comfy flannel you had to steal from his closet. Read on!


Men’s Boots


Boots are the magicians of any good wardrobe.  They can take an outfit from mediocre to ‘C’est Magnifique with a simple shoe change.  Check out these curated picks for a pair with just the right amount of magic. 


Dr. Martens: If you weren’t paying attention you might have thought these classic boots had gone out of style, but for those in the know they never went anywhere.  And with a wide range of styles available the Dr. has the right pair of boots for just about any gent from punk rock to hip hop. 

Red Wings: Classic yet rugged Red Wing epitomizes what a good boot should be.  Check out their Heritage and  Hunting Boot collections, for boots that form the perfect blend of fashion and function.

Cole Haan Nantucket Boot: This classic pair of boots sit closer to fashion than function in our holiday boot line up, but these things still kick ass.  Clean lines and a distinctive white sole distinguish the Nantucket from other lesser options.

Nike Snow Boot: While Nike isn’t often considered among the classics when it comes to a traditional leather boot, they offer some fantastic choices when for a more progressive fashion-forward pair of kicks.  Take a look at their snow boot line up to find something that will get you noticed on the streets and at the bar for apres ski.




Great layering is central to a well-dressed man’s wardrobe. And in cold weather, a timeless sweater is the axis around which all other layering revolves.    From the classic cardigan to the perfect hoodie, a great sweater can take an outfit from good to damn son, in seconds. Love flannels instead? Well, see below for our recommendations! Either way, grab one of Mister Brown’s Men’s Holiday Gift Guide picks below for a gift that is sure to impress: 


J.Crew cardigans:  Classic in every sense of the word… it’s hard to go wrong with a J.Crew cardigan. 

Zara turtlenecks:   Looking to make a statement…Steve Job’s ain’t got nothing on you when you’re rocking one of these bad boys.

Burberry Sweaters: From classic stripes to bright colors…yes, the 80”s are back. Embrace it! 



Speaking of layering…it’s hard to pick a winner when it comes to your most important piece for layering between sweaters and jackets.  One thing we are sure about is that by adding any of the jackets or sweaters to your wardrobe, everybody wins.  


Levi jackets all types: From the classic jean jacket to the Sherpa Trucker jacket there is an option for every guy here to put under the Christmas tree.  

Tommy Hilfiger Down Jackets:  Blending warmth and style with ease these men’s down jackets are sure to be a go-to fall/winter piece in any man’s closet.    

NorthFace Jackets & Windbreakers: Classic, athletic, and stylish…perfect for those chilly San Diego mornings.

Looking for other options to consider in your hunt for the perfect jacket? Men’s faux fur and leather jackets. 

Jeans and Pants


From the go-to pair of Levis to those wintertime corduroys, there is nothing quite like a great fitting pair of pants.  In addition, while good fit is important for all the items we’ve curated here, it is probably the most important when it comes to jeans and pants. Be sure you know what size you need to purchase to really knock it out of the park with the man you’re buying for.  

Adidas Sweatpants (matching jacket optional): On the streets of Moscow the ‘didas tracksuit is considered high fashion, and who are we to argue with 11.9 million Muscovites? Also Christmas morning just feels better when you pull on a pair of Adidas sweats while watching the kids open presents. 

Banana Republic Corduroy: Looking to mix it up?  Grab a pair of corduroys as a gift to put something different on your man.

Zara Jeans: Zara offers fashion-forward denim and jeans that won’t break the bank.  Their fit is a little bit more European, so be sure and check sizes before buying. 

Levi Denim: No description is required for these absolute staples of any gentleman’s wardrobe.  From the classic 501 to 514 there is a fit for every guy. 




They say the devil is in the details, and when it comes to where accessories fit into a wardrobe we couldn’t agree more. Accessories accentuate personal taste and style like no other item in a man’s wardrobe.  We’re even created our own custom line of accessories! Use code MBHOLIDAY for 20% OFF! In addition, here are some items we love and are on point for the season: 


Beanies from Mister Browns: When the holidays roll around, a good beanie is a must-have piece of kit for the cold weather. And if you are going to buy a beanie as a gift, we can’t help but recommend our signature Mister Brown’s collection. 

Hats by Haberdash.com:  There is perhaps no better way to stand out from the crowd than through a distinctive hat.  From a classic bowler to the fedora, there is a hat style to fit any man’s head.  

Rings: Hit up your local thrift store or pawnshop to score some truly one of kind bling.  If you are the “I’d rather spend 10 hours at the dentist than go shopping during the holiday season kind of person” we’d recommend checking out sites like Poshmark or Etsy.

Need other options? Bow ties are a must for the holiday season, along with wallets, scarfs, and gloves. Burberry carries a nice variety in this category. Furthermore, these also make great Christmas presents for co-workers and friends.

Women’s Gifts


We couldn’t close out our Men’s Holiday Gift Guide without a few items for the women in our lives:

Vans sneakers: With such fun, bright colors, along with the classics, Vans sneakers are an easy pick. Just find out their shoe size, or design something special with Vans Customs!

Sweaters: Again, holiday cheer is more fun when your girl’s hands are not freezing. So a warm cashmere or wool sweater is perfect. J.Crew and Zara have great options for your gal.

Flannels: If she hasn’t stolen your favorite flannel yet, give it time. She will. Think of it as a compliment. Pick up one in another color, maybe a size smaller, just for her. We love Pendelton, Scotch & Soda, Woolrich and Bonobos, but check out Gearmoose’s 20 Best Men’s Flannel Shirts.

Boots: Furry boots seem to appear around October, even here in Southern California, and hang around until the May grey has subsided. Uggs can be found all year round on women running to and from yoga. However, for your ladies that do venture out into the snowy environments, you may want a pair of Sorel’s. In addition, Skechers also has a new model with the fur. Check out New York Magazine’s Best Winter Boots Found on Amazon.



We hope Mister Brown’s Men’s Holiday Gift Guide helps you select the perfect gift for that special someone.  Above all, we wish you a wonderful holiday season and a very happy New Year. Don’t forget to book your next appointment, shop online and use code MBHOLIDAY for 20% any item in our shop! We carry Mister Brown’s latest caps, tees, beard oil, and pomade. In addition, you can follow our journey on Instagram and Facebook.


Until next time,

Happy Holidays! 

Mister Brown’s Team


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